About YaXing

Company Profile

Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd. was initiated and founded by Jiangsu Yaxing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. in September 1998, which has more than sixty years of history. In August 1999, the company issued 60 million of A shares though the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in Yangzhou and also one of the few listed bus companies in China. The company has total assets of RMB 750 million and over 1,500 employees. At present, the company has two brands: “Yaxing” and “Yangzi”. Our products range from larger bus to mini bus and from luxury bus to standard bus, including 20 series and 130 varieties, which covering the market of highway passenger traffic, city public transportation, tourism and company group. So far, our factory has set up more than 280 after-sales service outlets nationwide to ensure that customers can get integrated network services.


The company always follows the business concept of “following European technology and serving the public”. While maintaining the solid reliability advantages of our products, we also inherit the technical and management achievements made in the cooperation with Benz, digest and absorb the technical know-how from LPD, UK, focus on building a technology company based on leading European technologies. The company makes unremitting efforts to enhance its market image, increase the comprehensive competitive strength and try its best to get bigger and stronger. Since its establishment, the company has sold over 60,000 coaches with sales revenues of nearly RMB 10 billion, making a significant contribution to the development of tourist industry and highway transportation of China.


In recent years, the company has made remarkable achievements in the international market. Some high-ranking government officials, such as the Vietnamese and Bengali Transport Ministers, and the Ghanaian Ambassador Transport Minister have visited Yaxing for site investigation and business negotiations. Yaxing coaches have been present in over 20 countries, including Japan, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Jordan, UAE(United Arab Emirates), Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cyprus, Angola , Egypt, Ghana , Senegal and Zimbabwe, and been highly appraised by local governments and cities.


As an enterprise with a history of six decades and over three decades of experience in coach manufacturing, Yaxing has always deemed its duty to “serve the people and care for the environment”. It not only focuses on its business development, but also actively shoulders social responsibility. It has offered quality vehicles and services to great international events such as the Beijing Asian Games, Beijing Olympic Games, China Yangzhou World Canal Cities Expo, Asian Table Tennis Championships and China Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half-Marathon, and was highly praised by domestic and foreign guests.


Yaxing will still put customer-centricity as our top priority. We will try our best to serve our customers with advanced technology, superior quality, reasonable price and perfect service.



1950s: Military machinery plant in Jiangxi

1960s: Yangzhou Automobile Repair and Manufacture Factory, specializing in vehicle repair, gear and truck manufacture.

1979: Changed to the production of buses, Jiangsu Yangzhou Bus General Manufacturer Plant was founded

1996: Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Co., Ltd was founded; it is the biggest bus company in China, and one of the key enterprise groups supported by Jiangsu government and Yangzhou municipal government.

1997: Yaxing-Benz Limited was founded a joint venture between Yaxing Group and Daimler-Benz, consisting of a 50% share-hold for each.

1998.9: Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd was founded by the main initiator- Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Ltd with the approval of the Jiangsu government 

1999.8: Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd issued 60 million A stocks in Shanghai Security Exchange, entering the Chinese stock market successfully and has become one of a few companies in the national bus industry listed on the Shanghai Security Exchange.

2006.10: Mercedes-Benz transferred its share to Yaxing Group by means of signing a Share Transferring Agreement, and made Yaxing-Benz a wholly owned subsidiary, Yaxing Benz is renamed Yangzhou Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd

2007:Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Ltd was renamed Jiangsu Yaxing Automobile Group Ltd. Called Yaxing Automobile Group for short; it includes the following affiliated companies:

·        Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd

·        Yangzhou Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd

·        Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd

·        Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Ltd

2007:Yaxing Automobile Group reorganized the bus division of Yaxing, transferring the core business of buses from Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Ltd. to Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd; resulting in a renewed company.


Total capital assets

        Registered capital: 0.4 billion RMB, total capital assets 2.4 billion RMB, a sole state-owned securities group company


         More than 2,500 associates throughout Yaxing group


        1.2 million square meters



         Logos: YAXING, YANGZI

         Series: 40

         Models: 300

         Types: heavy, medium, light

         Grades: Luxury, medium, common; overseas LPD

         Service fields:

        city, intercity, tour, group; YANGZI for developing regions, YAXING for developed regions, LPD for high developed regions


       Produced by Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Co., for Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd as well as outside market.


Systems from former German partner : product development, trial production and testing, production control, quality control, technical and after-sales service, spare parts.

Product technology from former German partner, modularized construction, FEA, integral wire harness

Advanced technologies from LPD England 


          300 sales and after sales points around the country, with network and integrated service



          System reform, process recreation, organization renovation, cost reduction, product comprehension, sales enforcement, service upgrade, efficiency improvement, bus business enlargement and enforcement


Business: To be in line with European technology, to be loyal to customers

Product strategy: Devote major efforts to developing buses for passenger and group transportation, efforts to developing city buses, and efforts to developing tour and special buses

Product: Hi-tech, high quality and reliability

Service: Customer-centered; advanced technology, the best possible quality, favorable prices, and meticulous attention to detail

            Hardware and software:

National advanced equipment and assembly lines

Numerous experienced engineers and technicians

Frequent customers with solid relationship to Yaxing, business teams of high effectiveness  

Good opportunity, favorable geographical location and working conditions



Launched the first national bus chassis

The effectiveness of bus JT663 with respect to national passenger transportation cooperation

The design and the marketing of the sleeping bus

Champion of sales and market share for 10 consecutive years