Product Features


Product Configuration


Yaxing YBL6119H intercity bus series 
Product Type YBL6119H
Length×Width×Height(mm) 11450×2500×3360/3560(A/C)
Rated passenger  51/49(add middoor)
Standard Seat 49+1+1
Kerb Mass(kg) 11450/12150(A/C)
Approach Angel/Departure Angel(°) 9°/8.5°
Maximum Speed (km/h) 110
Fuel Tank Volume(Diesel)(L) 270
EngineType&Rated Power YC6G270-30 (270PS EuroⅢ)   
YC6L310-30 (310PS EuroⅢ) 
Clutch coil spring clutch   
diaphragm spring clutch  -
Gearbox five speed gearbox  -
six speed gearbox   
automatic gearbox -
Front&Rear Axle front axle: 5.5T  
rear axle: 10.8T  
Steering manual steering -
power steering   
Suspension leaf spring  
air suspension -
ABS local ABS  
imported ABS
Service Brake dual circuit air braking system drum brake   
dual circuit air braking system front disk brake -
Parking Brake energy storage brake   
Automatic Regulating Arm  local automatic regulating arm  
 imported automatic regulating arm -
Centralizing Lubricating Device -
CAN bus system -
Tyre 10.00R20   
11R22.5 tubeless 
passenger door  front pneumatic outward-swinging door   
add middle passenger door 
luggage compartment& side door ≥8m3 rotary aluminium-alloy side door   
≥8m3 up moving aluminium-alloy side door 
side window fully closed side window with gutter channel   
fully closed side window with gutter channel 
fully closed side window with gutter channel 
Top Safe Exit top safe exit with ventilator  
top safe exit without ventilator
Seat highback adjustable seat with safety belt   
highback adjustable seat without safety belt 
highback adjustable driver's seat  
highback air suspended driver's seat -
Interior lighting roof light   
step light   
reading light   
Inner Trimming  standard inner trimming  -
luxury A/C inner trimming(integral A/C tube,inner side rack,two side full-length roof light)  
Air Conditioning System overhead dependent A/C(29000Kcal)  
water heater(24000Kcal)  
Body bamboo glued floor   
local quartz sand floor leather
imported floor leather 
manual rabbit-ear rearview mirror  
electric rabbit-ear rearview mirror
front windshield sunshade    
side rolling curtain for driver  
stainless wheel cover 
folding side window curtain   
local metallic paint
imported solid paint  
imported metallic paint
digital clock   
running recorder  
luxury water dispenser  
 toilet -
fire extinguishing device inside rear engine compartment  -
Visual&audio system harddrive player+LCD monitor  -

“▲”means optional  “-” means not optionable “blank” means standard